Fact check: Czech singer did NOT get infected intentionally

Various media have reported that a Czech singer had died after catching covid intentionally.

This claim was based solely on the singer’s son statement.

However, a statement by his mother posted on Facebook directly contradicts this claim.

Hana Horka has written on the 30 December 2021:

„Bits from the quarantine. How to write this so as not to get anyone mad? The story begins, when my son complained about catching a cold. He was lazy to get the heating started, to push a button, I am sure you know this from your families.

And then things started moving fast. Calmly I brewed ginger tea for him, soup. He kept laying down, sleeping, had a bit of a runny nose. On the fourth day, however, he lost his smell. Panic – PCR test – positive – isolation.

Hmm, me? Guess what: quarantined.

I am filling out a long form for a PCR test. It says „quarantined until“, but without symtoms only half that time! Great, I can manage that. New Years Eve with the isolated two and then business as usual again. I can make it. Finally I can do some chores.

I have mixed feelings, I am fine? Or should I look for symptoms for the certificate of covid-recovered?

My husband is in the end enthusiastic, he can finish all the books that he got for Christmas, cure his legs after a trip., relax a bit. He has gotten worse after another positive test, but only for a short time…

So we are three here together: some with a runny nose and without smell. I have my smell, guess what, I am cooking. Who else than a woman?!

Luckily my husband had not allowed me to change the kitchen – it is some walk before I bring the food, tea from the kitchen to the living rooms, quite a run. The food gets cold, but the the tea is just right and I even perhaps make some kilometers…unlike my flatmates whom I love…even so. Really, even though it might not seem that way!

In between we are trying to reach our doctor by telephone. But of course most probably she is in the mountains, why would she stay here? I wish her well. We have later discovered that she was in the mountains!

All in all a great experience and an opportunity to train, relax, meditate, forgive.

So, once my test comes out negative, I am off to the mountains or to a warm place and my isolated two I will leave to their fate and will stop waiting on them!“

It is not possible to prove at which moment she was infected. Also infected was her husband. She was taking care of her son and of her husband.

The infection spreading in the household is the most common path and does not mean that household members have gotten infected intentionally.

Furthermore, the point whether the infection was deliberate is irrelevant.

Therefore we rate this claim FALSE.

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